As a bass player I have played and owned several basses. P-Basses, Rickenbackers , J-Basses and even a few handmade ones. In 1989 I exchaned my homemade bass for an Ibanez SR800LE - Japan. This was my main axe for years until I recently purchased a G&L L2000 - USA!!! What a bass! I still play the Ibanez from time to time however the G&L is my favorite!

As far as amps go - Ampeg all the way! Solid and dependable! Electricians at a gig once hooked it up to 380 Volts! :) -All I had to do was change the fuses, and I played the gig, no problem!

My latest "secret weapon" is the SansAmp Bass Driver DI. It allows me to shape my tone and send a solid, deep, fat and musical signal to the front of house. It's also the only extra thing I bring with me to the studio.