Bass Player

In 1981 Aivars Viksna founded the group Supper. While playing in the band Supper for several years, he studied at Latvia’s College of Culture and Education to obtain specialization in brass band and bandstand conducting as well as mastering the bass and tuba. He performed at the inaugural festival for new bands Doors ’89 in Latvia, earning the jury’s awards for cleanest sound and best bassist. The following year Aivars was called upon to join Latvia’s poprock superstar group CREDO. Aivars traveled on an international tour with Credo to Lithuania, Poland and Vietnam. In 1991 Credo disbanded. For a while Aivars worked as a high school music teacher and a consultant for Latvia’s Conservatory, though continuing to tour Europe on concert was still in the near future.

In 1993 Aivars Viksna headed off to Germany with swing band musicians to play in SWING BAND in the clubs, bars and amusement centers of Ruhr Valley metropolis, receiving invitations to perform at many private functions along the way. There they met their current representative in Germany and participated in various festivals. Swing Band was booked by a production group from Dortmund for the Stadtfest festival concert tour. By 1998 the group had played virtually everywhere in the NordRhein Westfallen and Hessen.

In 1999 Aivars Viksna as part of Supper recorded and produced the CD “A Natural Blend Of Music,” distributed in Latvia by Gailitis_G. The album features Aivars Viksna un Janis Egle’s instrumental compositions delivering various stylistic flavors. The music is recognized for its fresh ideas, new sound and professional performances, especially the virtouso bass and guitar. The album was selected as a gift for the finalists of the international Mrs.Globe’99 contest. Supper now receives regular airplay and appears on various radio programs.

In 1998 Credo reunited, inviting Aivars to join them once again. In 2002 Rebel’s drummer Gundars Lintins also began to play with Credo. Together the band created three poprock albums, which each featured popular hits.

In 2006 Credo participated in several large festivals as well as continuing to play in small clubs and at private events. As of 2010 Credo is no longer active, leaving Aivars with more time to pursue his own projects. Aivars would gladly join a solid poprock group. He is currently available and will seriously consider all offers and the terms of any contract.